How should I store sentimental cards & letters?

Memorabilia Storage

Valentine’s Day means a lot of cards sent and received and how wonderful is that? It’s great to express love and affection by sending a sweet card but people can get overwhelmed with what to do with them once the holiday has passed.

How should I store sentimental cards and letters?

I recommend a memorabilia box for eactly these things: cards and letters from loved ones that you want to keep.

It doesn’t have to be fancy, but a box large enough to hold what you have and room for more. I like to use a box with a lid or top in this case to keep the cards and letter from getting dusty. You may want to have multiple boxes: one for your honey and one for family. Whatever works for you but have a place designated for cards and letters from your loved ones so you know where they go when you get them.

However, you DO need to be judicious on what you are saving. A hand written card is much more meaningful than a card with just a signature. Evaluate if you REALLY want to hang on to something before putting it in the box.

Happy organizing!