Life Happens…That’s Why You Need to be Organized

Life has been a little hectic lately which explains my social media absence and confirms my belief in organization. This week our very sweet dog Edie (I’m sure you’ve seen her picture on Instagram and Facebook. She’s quite the model!) has been very sick. The kind of sick that makes you ask the hard questions you never want to think about when it comes to your pets. As I write this, she’s better but not free and clear.

So what, if anything does this have to do with being organized? Everything actually.

This has been a week of doing all the things that downgrade your home to disaster mode:

  • No laundry done
  • Dishes not put in dishwasher
  • No grocery shopping
  • Clothes not folded or put away
  • Mail piled up on the counter
  • Glasses left on table tops
  • Suitcases not emptied
  • Beds not made

All of this adds up to a recipe for chaos and clutter and it can’t go on. I draw the line because I have a low tolerance for cFortunately, we have a system for dealing with all of the above and it will be easier to get on track because of it.

  • Mail has a basket that it needs to live in (i.e. not on the counter)
  • Dishes are normally put away after the running the dishwasher
  • Laundry is typically folded and put away

All of these are examples of systems that we have in place here. Systems are what keep us sane and not living in that disaster mode. T-shirts have a specific home in a drawer in the closet. We process mail by immediately throwing away (recycling) the junk and the bills go on the desk. We “pick up” the house before bedtime so that no dishes or glasses are left out. And yes, I normally empty my suitcase right when I get home.

If you don’t have systems in place nothing in the above paragraph happens. Clutter accumulates faster than your teen can text a message with juicy “t” and it’s too easy to claim “crisis mode” for not dealing with it quickly.

Eventually the crisis will be over and you’ll be stuck with a depressing, cluttered home that’s too overwhelming to tackle.

These are life situations that we all deal with: sick family, school starting, home repairs, major renovations, car accidents, etc. that force an interruption in our schedule. Tend to those issues and then get back to your regularly organized life.

Set up systems so that it’s easier to rebound. You know where everything goes and it just takes a little time to get back to normal.

If you don’t have a system you don’t even know where to start. And that makes life that much harder. Life is hard enough; being organized give you control over the chaos.

Happy organizing!

Fun for Friday

Dogs make even snow and ice fun!
Dogs make even snow and ice fun!

We’ve had snow and ice here in Atlanta, like most of the rest of the country, so we’re all a little tired of being cooped up inside. Here is some fun for your Friday to enjoy and lift your spirits. Just know, you always feel better when you clean a drawer or closet and there is nothing like an icy day for that!

      1. I’m all about making life easier for us mortals and there are some great ideas here in Savvy Sugar’s article of Reddit’s Best Life Idea Hacks. #8 will save you some email embarrassment and apologies. I’ve done #19 but it does chip off and #29 will save parents a lot of headache.
      2. Although I think plastic storage bins are the bomb for garage & basement storage, here are some pretty storage alternatives for other parts of your home. You know I love a basket, too.
      3. In honor of Fashion Week in New York, here is one of my favorite clothing lines getting ready. So much work goes into putting on a show that lasts less than 2o minutes!
      4. Happy Valentine’s Day! If anyone is looking for some great places to buy dark chocolate (one of my many favorite sweets) here in the A.T.L., look no further than this article, courtesy of Style Blueprint Atlanta.
      5. February is the shortest month that feels like the longest ease we are cooped up inside. Get out and get some exercise and do your brain some good! You never feel worse after exercising and this article from Fast Company tells why 20 minutes is key.

Have a great weekend and happy organizing!