Expand Your Closet in 60 Seconds

Most people I work with are looking for ways to expand their closet space. They aren’t looking to renovate their house or tear down walls but they need more space for clothes in their closet. I can give you more space in your closet in 60 seconds or less.

It’s simple. All you have to do is clean out the empty hangers in your closet. Maybe this applies primarily to people who get their clothes dry- cleaned but I’ve seen it in just about every closet I’ve organized. Empty hangers accumulate.

Just take out the empty hangers and you’ll find inches and maybe even feet of space.

Remember you can take wire hangers to dry cleaners and they can and will recycle them. I take my extra plastic store hangers to an alterations shop across the street. They are thrilled to get them because most people bringing in clothes to be altered don’t bring them in on hangers. When they have completed the alterations, they always hang the clothes.

You can also check with your local consignment stores and charitable organizations that sell clothes to see if they need them. Usually someone is in need of what you are trying to discard so do a little research to find it a good home.

Happy organizing!


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